November 2010

Attending an online university means learning a lot of information in an accelerated amount of time. It can be difficult to keep concepts and details straight, but using mnemonic devices is a quick way to jog your memory. What is a mnemonic device? It is a memory technique that allows

The decision to earn an online degree is often met with other obligations and priorities that life hands us. Through hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. Watch the "Achieve More with WGU"; video and find out why WGU has made earning a degree a reality for so many working

One of the most common reasons people decide not to pursue a degree is time management. Many people look at their full-time jobs and family life and think "I don't have a minute to spare!" While you may be busy, Western Governor's online university is designed to allow students to

Amazon offers their Amazon Prime services for free to WGU students. This program includes FREE two-day shipping for one year. Signing up is free! You will be asked to provide your school, major and .edu email address. To sign up or learn more about this offer visit the Amazon Student

Western Governors University's online teaching degree programs are regionally and NCATE accredited. WGU offers bachelor's and master's degree programs that are flexible and affordable. WGU is the only exclusively online university to receive NCATE accreditation for its online teaching degree programs, a testament to the fact that WGU graduates "have

Ever wonder where WGU students are located? What state they are graduating from? WGU has students in all 50 states and serves active-duty military personnel and their spouses at overseas military installations. The average age of the WGU student is about 36 with an age range from the 20s to

This interview features Natalie Mulcock, a mentor in WGU's College of Business . In this interview, we’ll find out her favorite thing about being a mentor and about how her dad inspires her on a daily basis. WGU: What is your background? How and when did you decide to become

This interview features Michael Molinos, a mentor in WGU's College of Business . We'll learn how a quote has changed the way he thinks about success and how mentoring at WGU has affected his life. WGU: To start, what is your background? How and when did you decide to become

Earning an online degree takes self-discipline and determination. For those balancing work, family and school, making the most of your study time makes all the difference. Study smart, not hard. Use the time you have to effectively and efficiently work toward your online degree. Below are a few ways to

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