August 2011

Some call her Dr. Doolittle. Others call her the Chicken Whisperer. She’s a wife and a mom. And for a lucky handful of students earning their business degree online , she’s known as "My mentor, Lee Angel.". Lee is a mentor in the Business College, closing out her second year

If you’ve been considering a career in teaching, continued discussion about education cutbacks, public school budgets, and the job outlook for the education industry may have you wondering about your choice.

Current and future job seekers, pay attention! Here are some surprising numbers you may not know about your job search: 20 seconds : That's the average time an employer will look at your résumé before forming an opinion and either putting you in the "promising candidate" pile or ruling you

We've all heard it said time and again: "Set goals!" But sometimes a lack of goals isn't the problem; it's the vagueness of the goal that's an issue. When an objective is not specific or personal enough to measure and track, it becomes useless. For instance, my goal is to

Bineta Diop, a Healthcare Management student originally from Senegal, has big plans for the online master's degree she's earning at WGU – and they're plans for more than a career. Bineta plans to use the skills she's learning to work for an NGO that brings better healthcare to poor countries.

An online university is a great fit for many working adults who need or want to continue their education by earning a degree – sometimes to advance in the field they are already working in, and sometimes to change careers or launch a new one. A recent Twitter-based poll suggests

This week, Izumi Muraki of San Ysidro, California, became the third and final winner in our Facebook "Like" sweepstakes. Izumi, an undergrad in the WGU Teachers College , is a world traveler who needs to be able to take her education on the go – which is why WGU's online

With a varied IT career background that has centered on being the link between customers and the more-techie insiders, WGU mentor David Grandpre has brought that critical experience to his role helping students working toward their online IT degree . "I enjoy the product we provide, the level of service

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