May 2015

One of the key measures of economic performance and the well-being of individuals in the workforce is the question of whether average wages, over time, are rising or falling. Ask that question of the American economy, and the answer is, “yes.” That’s because wages are both rising and falling, depending

WGU’s innovative education and support models, combined with our three-pronged focus on quality, flexibility, and affordability—and all of it, of course, designed with student and graduate success at its heart—catch a lot of attention within academia, industry and business, government … With all the attention and recognition WGU gets, it’s

Ding! Email Alert from – What can you expect from feedback in the evaluation of your submission? When an evaluator releases a completed evaluation in Taskstream, you receive email notification that either your submission passed or that some additional revision is needed. What can you expect from evaluators’ feedback?

Chantel is your typical WGU student—and by typical we, of course, mean extraordinary. She is a wife and a mother of three, and she works full time as a dedicated nursing professional. For busy adults with families and plenty of grown-up responsibilities, even the thought of going back to school

Dierdre de Gravina began her post-secondary education in 1990 at a small technical college in Quebec, Canada. Initially, she had been accepted into the Canadian Armed Forces as a pilot but was suddenly forced onto an alternative career path. Dierdre crashed her motorcycle, leaving her unable to walk and unsure

Mobile apps and software are making a difference in all aspects of our lives—including at work. Education is no different, and K–12 teachers have no shortage of mobile apps that offer to help them become better, more-organized, more-creative, or more-effective teachers. We’ve compiled this list of apps that we’ve come

Today kicks off National Nurses Week, and at WGU, we’re eager to be part of the celebration! After all, nursing students make up more than 20% of our student body here at WGU. Nursing is a career that is all about service to others—often at the cost of 12-plus-hour shifts

It was as early as the third grade that Alicia Upton’s dream of becoming a teacher was ignited. Alicia was shy as a child, and it was her teacher, Mrs. Williams, who broke her out of her shell and gave her the confidence she needed to succeed in school. Alicia,

She fixed your scraped knee after recess and helped you realize you love math. He introduced you to your first favorite novel and didn’t give up on you through that period of wannabe class-clownery. From earliest childhood on up, we’ve all had a number of teachers who have made major

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