Written by: Allison Barber, WGU Indiana Chancellor When I gaze up from my computer, the images I see are of my favorite non-profits. WGU, the online, nonprofit university that helps Americans improve their lives through degree attainment and the American Red Cross (ARC) , one of our nation’s oldest nonprofits

Karen Semon Transformational leaders, as compared to transactional leaders, look beyond balance sheet performance. They tap into deep human emotion and engage people with a clear understanding of their vision. In doing so, transformational leaders are able to foster a personal commitment from their team and generate a willingness to

Successfully engaging special education students is achievable. The task of engaging special education students requires adaptability in the classroom. With a full room of roughly 25 students, there will be kids who struggle to grasp certain subjects and some who learn at different paces.

Winter 2017 Commencement is nearly upon us and we are excited to welcome so many of our graduates, alumni, and their families to Orlando, Florida! With over 11,000 graduates, we've heard many amazing stories of perseverance and hard work. Four of these stories will be shared at the commencement ceremony

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