Brandon Pipkin, MBA from WGU It’s a noble pursuit to continually seek knowledge and understanding, especially of a challenging subject. We all have our favorite topics, but what about those elusive ones that draw us in and interrogate us? Brandon Pipkin found his subject—and it changed his life. As he

Please join us for one, some, or all of the following free webinars in celebration of the social sciences—topics range from the 2016 election to the role of nature in today's modern world to the differences between experiencing and expressing emotion. Simply log in to the URL below at the

By Shauna Samuel MSN–Leadership & Management, Graduated November 2015 Welcome to WGU! Here are a few tips that I have used and found helpful: Email all of the course mentors for the courses you’re enrolled in. Introduce yourself and ask for tips and study guides. They will send an email

Today we announce several exciting developments in research compliance as WGU adheres to federal regulations and protects human subjects, particularly in capstone projects. These changes enable you to administer your capstone project in an ethical and safe manner, benefiting whatever organization within which you work, and preparing you to conduct

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