Today’s business climate is a place of increasing competitiveness. Coupled with technological advances and shaky markets, it has become clear that a bachelor’s degree in business isn’t what it used to be. Employers are searching for people with a firm understanding of e-commerce and trade—and the credentials to back it

You know what really kills the studying vibe? A laundry list of chores you have to do around the house that’s the size of Mount Everest. We created this WGU Coupon book to help get you back on track, just throw together your least favorite chores and rely on your support team!

Nursing graduate Christopher Ray took charge of his life and his destiny, going from laid-off truck driver to ER charge nurse in a level one designated trauma hospital.

Failure. It’s probably not something you want to think about. Failing is scary. Failing can result in major consequences that might seem insurmountable. “Failure is hard,” says Krystal Covington, a WGU MBA graduate and celebrated speaker and business consultant . “I’ve made so many mistakes, and even to this day

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