Dominic Kanaventi has a unique story. But while the details of his journey may not paint a familiar scenario to most, his determination and positivity are certainly a common thread his story shares with those of many WGU alumni. In his native country of Zimbabwe, Dominic was a renowned stage

When you’re a busy working adult student, time matters, and every day counts—especially when you get an extra day. Time-conscious Night Owls likely have big plans for squeezing as much as they can out of the extra day this month, but do you know why we have a Leap Day

This month, 102 WGU Night Owls who completed their capstones in 2015 are being recognized for their outstanding work. To celebrate student excellence in the completion of this important endeavor, WGU grants Capstone Excellence Awards. On an on-going basis, capstone faculty nominate deserving individuals with whom they have worked on

WGU is proud to invite you to our 2016 Black History Month Symposium. Presentations are free and will take place the week of February 22–26. Check the schedule below. If you find a sesson—or sessions!—that interest you: Mark your calendar and set yourself an appointment reminder for the date and

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