Serving in the Marine Corp introduced Arlie Hartman to a career in IT. Now, earning his bachelor’s degree from WGU Indiana, he feels validated by his knowledge and experience. He plans to secure a Director of Information Security position, which will allow him to better provide for his family and

Many people struggle to learn how to improve reading comprehension. You’re not alone! Avid reader or not, there are times when we read material of interest with an eagerness to learn, yet end up closing the book or exiting a browser with little recollection of the overall message, let alone

Social Networking sites have been around a long time, but the popularity of them really caught on in the early 2000’s with the launch of Friendster, followed by LinkedIn. LinkedIn took a more professional approach to online networking and made it a lot easier to connect with other professionals within

When the important aspects of life are running smoothly – family and career, it can be intimidating to begin a new venture. Gus, like many WGU students , has had many responsibilities on his plate throughout his academic career. His parents divorced when he was young, so he was subsequently

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