Karen lived among eight brothers and sisters in a home with very little food, water, and no electricity. For the first twenty years of her life, her parents and other adults alike repeatedly told her she would never be someone or accomplish anything substantial. She believed that her circumstances would

WGU Celebrates Constitution Day 2016 with Free Webinars Join us in celebrating the 229th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution! WGU will host a series of free 1-hour webinars and online discussions beginning Wednesday, September 7, through Friday, September 16, 2016 to commemorate the issues and importance of the U.S. Constitution,

A good night sleep and getting enough rest is not something you’re likely to hear anyone complain about because it is so vital to productivity and a person’s overall well-being. As working professionals, we know you need to study whenever your schedule allows it, even if it’s in the middle

Scarcely surviving a forest fire in Utah’s Uintah Mountains as an 18-year-old Scout Camp leader was an exciting start to an unforeseen career in leadership for James. Along with three other leaders, he successfully helped a group of young men escape a fast-moving fire. He was promoted almost immediately and

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