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July 16, 2020

Career Services

Accessing webinars on Handshake.

Dive into relevant career development and management content in our live and recorded webinars.


The Western Governors University Career & Professional Development team is here to help you dive into relevant career development and management content as you navigate your career.  In May we launched live webinars on a whole range of career topics. Additional topics are being added every week to support your career development needs.  

Check out our Events Page to register for live webinars. Not able to make it to a live webinar? Check out the Resource Library in WGU Handshake to view recorded webinars! Topics include: 

1. Application materials.: 

How to Build a Powerful Portfolio: An effective portfolio can illustrate your academic and professional accomplishments and serve as the platform for your next career move. View this webinar to learn how to create powerful academic and professional portfolios. 

Showcasing Academic Work on Your Resume: Courses and academic projects help you demonstrate job-specific knowledge and skills, but what’s the best way to highlight your academic accomplishments? What academic work do employers actually care about? View this webinar to learn best practices for listing your degree and relevant coursework and projects. 

Resumes: Learn about the process of writing a compelling resume that can beat the applicant tracking system and showcase your experiences. 

2. Career management. 

Tips for Career Changers: Looking to make a career shift? Join this webinar for tips on how to identify your strengths and interests, network and gain experience to successfully land a position in your new field. 

Handshake 101: You've heard the buzz, but what is Handshake all about? In this workshop, you will learn how to get the most out of your Handshake account. We will walk through building a complete profile, using Handshake's job search and networking capabilities, finding information in the resource library, and conducting employer research in the system. 

Escape the Myth of Work/Life Balance: Finding Meaning in Work and Life: Finding meaning in work and life is essential to becoming a good leader. If you want to lead you need to have a clear cause or purpose that resonates with others. In this session learn how to hone in on your own personal “why,” how to escape the myth of work/life balance, and how to make subtle changes that can have a big impact on your work and life satisfaction. 

Professional Development During Employment Gaps: Have you suffered a job loss or furlough recently? While this time can be stressful, it can also be useful. View this webinar to learn how to build and implement a professional development plan to achieve your career goals. 

Why do I Feel Like a Fraud? Understanding and Working With Imposter Syndrome: Do you find yourself feeling like you don’t deserve to be in your current position or like you will be “found out” any day now? Do you have the tendency to attribute your career success to “luck” instead of true talent, skill, and ability? You may be suffering from imposter syndrome, which is defined as “a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persists despite evident success.” View this informative webinar, which discusses characteristics of imposter syndrome, ways to identify this challenging phenomenon, ways to mitigate the negative messages that you may reinforce to yourself, and strategies to put to work right away. Put chronic self-doubt to rest and feel empowered through applying techniques for career resiliency! 

3. Interviewing.

Interviewing with Authenticity: Nerves can make it hard to connect with your interviewers, but employers want to know who you are before they bring you onto the team. View this webinar to learn how to overcome anxiety and be your authentic self during interviews. 

4. Job search strategies.

Job Searching in the Current Climate: Job searching is always hard, but it's even more challenging right now. Join this session for tips on successful job search strategies that will help you be successful now and in the future. 

5. Networking.

Building Your Career Community: Networking is an integral part of the job search and professional growth, but how do you get started? View this webinar to learn how to create and leverage your career community, whether you’re just getting started or looking to grow your existing network. 

Networking from Home: Do current events feel like they have put your networking efforts on pause? Are you looking to build a network in a new location? View this webinar to learn how to effectively network from home.  

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