Cybersecurity is one of the best career fields for military vets. Transitioning from the military into civilian life isn't always easy, but there may be a great solution.

This military and homeschooling family of five prioritizes time spent together. Excursions like this one are possible because they’ve intentionally woven a flexible lifestyle into the fabric of their lives–and their education. Consequently, even on this long-distance trip, neither the Grasmick children’s nor their parents’ studies have to take a back seat.

The professionals who provide quality feedback on performance task submissions are WGU evaluation faculty members. They hold academic credentials and professional experience in their respective fields that are

Brenda Bouldin is quite familiar with what it means to fight for something. As a former emergency medical technician (EMT), she helped people fight for their lives. And her husband, fights for freedom every day, as a

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