Tap into the CareerWise Speaker Series! The CareerWise Speaker Series, brought to you by the WGU Career & Professional Development Center, enables you to tap into the advice, best practices, and tips of nearly 150 of the nation’s top career authors. This year, the series features 41 live lectures in

Student contributor: Bryan Billings Whether you are a new student at WGU or a seasoned pro, we can all relate to being the “new kid”. WGU student and IT professional, Bryan Billings, recently shared some sage advice for new students on a Facebook post and we thought we would share

The power and importance of community in education: STEM educator continues to inspire underserved youth; will speak at upcoming lecture series In 2008, Chelsey Roebuck was studying mechanical engineering at Columbia University and ready to enter that high-demand field. But everything changed for him following an eye-opening volunteer trip to

Karen lived among eight brothers and sisters in a home with very little food, water, and no electricity. For the first twenty years of her life, her parents and other adults alike repeatedly told her she would never be someone or accomplish anything substantial. She believed that her circumstances would

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