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August 18, 2022

Time Management For Balance

Student Wellbeing Resources

Time Management Balance

Adapted from WellConnect Student Newsletter

So much of your life may revolve around staying connected and plugged into the online world. It can be difficult to find a happy medium and ensure you aren’t spending too much time logged on.

Here are some strategies to help manage your online and offline time effectively and find balance:

Track Your Screen Time

Most smartphones have a feature you can turn on to track your daily screen time. You might be surprised just how much time you’re spending on your phone each day.

Set New Habits

Consider what online habits you could cut out in order to achieve more balance in your life. Try replacing these habits with new ones, such as taking your time to enjoy a cup of tea before you get your day started or reading a book before bed. Challenge yourself to spend less time online and go outside more or explore new hobbies.

Schedule Time Offline

Purposefully schedule some offline time. Go for a walk outside or schedule a coffee date with a friend. When you are out and about in the world doing something offline, try to be wholly present. Avoid looking at your phone, which can be a distraction that takes away from our enjoyment of the moment.

Take Breaks

If you take online classes, work from home, or spend most of your day at a keyboard, it’s important to take breaks. You could incorporate counter stretches to help offset a forward posture, such as gentle backbends, and stretch your wrists and hands too. Also, make sure to look away from your screen every so often to give your eyes a break.

Limit Online Time at Night

Try to minimize the time you spend online at night, especially two to three hours before bed, or wear blue-light blocking glasses. Exposure to blue light is known to suppress melatonin and affect our circadian rhythm, which can affect our sleep quality.

Time Management Balance

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