This month 167 students who completed their capstones in the first half of 2016 are being recognized for their outstanding work. To celebrate student excellence in the completion of this important endeavor Western Governors University (WGU) grants “Capstone Excellence Awards.” Since November 2015 the Awards have been presented through a

Straight out of the Bronx, Eddie entered military service including a year in South Korea. He additionally served In Japan and Germany with some stateside stations in between. Still, all of that accounts for only half of Eddie Maldonado’s 30 years of service in the Air Force. During these 30

Attention WGU Students: In an effort to provide a more secure eTextbook platform, VitalSource will be implementing a password update for all users. Any user who has set a password for their VitalSource account will need to update it using the following additional requirements. Passwords must be eight or more

Adobe Flash Player (Flash) is a tool used to display animations and other interactive elements in your computer’s web browser. Various WGU learning resources use Flash to display videos, quizzes, and simulations. In the near future, WGU will be phasing out Adobe Flash Player, as the technology is becoming obsolete.

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