Brenda Bouldin is quite familiar with what it means to fight for something. As a former emergency medical technician (EMT), she helped people fight for their lives. And her husband, fights for freedom every day, as a

Less than a year ago, before Marie Lyon Fitzgerald received her master’s degree at WGU’s 2017 Summer Commencement in Salt Lake City, Utah, she woke one morning to experience blood streaming from her nose and down her throat.

WGU offers a one-of-a-kind Bachelor of Science Nursing program that includes RN licensing—a program that is not only unlike other RN or BSN programs but also differs from other WGU programs.

Entering the IT field with an associate’s degree and/or IT certifications was an acceptable practice many years ago, but times are changing and most employers have added an additional job requirement to advanced IT positions – a bachelor’s degree.

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