At WGU, we will be joining the nation in celebrating Autism Awareness Month 2015 throughout April. Beginning Wednesday, April 15, with an introductory panel on what we know about autism now, we will present a varied and engaging series of interdisciplinary online discussions about autism.

Can students at an online, self-paced, nontraditional university be engaged by their school and challenged by their studies? Can they feel connected to faculty and emotionally attached to their alma mater? Will their degrees reflect hard work that’s respected by employers, earning them great jobs and helping them live great lives?

A professional chef with a culinary arts degree makes sense—they need to know how to cook. But there is another very important skill set that a chef will need to run a successful kitchen or own a restaurant, and that’s in business. With 19-plus years of experience in the field,

March is Women’s History Month, and WGU is offering a pair of free online discussions, open to students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the public and featuring some of WGU’s course mentors.

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