10 Online Teaching Degree Specialties

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An online university environment is a place of variety and flexibility. Specifically, earning an online teaching degree presents several disciplinary avenues within the bachelor’s and master’s programs. Below are just a few of the options available to you through Western Governors University:

  1. Social Science. Social science teachers occupy a broad range of educational topics within the middle or high school environment. They often teach classes in political science, anthropology, history, communication, etc. This degree offers a wide range of study for an instructor with a wide range of interests.
  2. Mathematics. The discipline of numbers represents the cornerstone of a well-rounded education. Professionals earning an online teaching degree in mathematics may specialize in any area of middle/high school curriculum, from algebra to calculus.
  3. Early Childhood Education. The beginning stages of education are imperative to a child’s later success. Early childhood education teachers work with children from birth through age eight. These professionals focus on language development, communication, and other foundational tools to ensure future learning.
  4. Interdisciplinary Studies. Students possessing an interest in elementary education often focus on an interdisciplinary studies degree. This program will allow you to focus on the broad range of core subjects needed to guide K-8 children through their everyday learning, from language skills to science and mathematics.
  5. Special Education. Children with mild to moderate disabilities require a different approach to learning, and special education teachers are trained to provide additional support. Students in this program will discover the methods behind demonstration teaching, management practices, assessments and evaluations, and the foundational learning necessary to meet the needs of this unique group of kids.
  6. Physics.  As a secondary science, physics is generally presented to kids in grades 5-12. As a visual and conceptual level of study, teachers in this field must not only learn the principles of physics, but how to communicate them through demonstration and assessment.
  7. Chemistry. As an integral part of the scientific spectrum, chemistry is an important part of the curriculum in grades 5-12. Teachers in this field must understand how to effectively demonstrate the inner workings of each chemistry sub-type, such as inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, etc.
  8. English Language Learning/English as a Second Language. For those professionals working with kids who are not native English speakers, the ELL/ESL program is a perfect career option. Your role is to provide transitional tools to aid these PK-12 kids in the learning process while they struggle with the challenges of mastering the English language at the same time.
  9. Learning and Technology. Technology has become a fast-growing and often obsolete discipline. Its aggressive growth requires professionals with the skills to adapt to new programs while informing others of nuances as well. Students occupying this online university program may teach in a classroom or corporate environment to demonstrate how technology can aid modern processes and developments.
  10. Instructional Design. Effective teaching requires effective planning and instructional design is at the heart of this hypothesis. Earning a degree in this field means focusing on the use of technology, long-term planning, and research fundamentals. The knowledge you gain in these areas will prepare you for the task of passing it to others efficiently.

Earning an online teaching degree in any of these specialties is a challenging and rewarding process. Assess your strengths and personal interests; your niche will stand out among the others.

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