25,000 Students, 10,000 Grads – and Counting

Online University Student TipsThe WGU community just keeps getting bigger.

In fact, this month we’ve reached two major milestones:  We now have 25,000 students, and more than 10,000 students have completed an online bachelor’s or master’s degree since WGU’s inception.

These numbers are just the latest sign of the steady growth WGU has experienced since its founding in 1999, when 19 U.S. governors joined together to create an affordable, career-driven alternative to traditional institutions of higher education. WGU students make their way through rigorous, competency-based programs to prove their mettle in one of four colleges: the College of Business, the Teachers College, the College of Information Technology, or the College of Health Professions, which includes nursing.

WGU students live in all 50 states, and many military and military spouses are earning their online degrees while they are stationed overseas. Are you one of the 25,000 current students or 10,000 grads? Tell us why: Share your WGU story in the comments!

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