4 Great Jobs You Can't Get Without a Degree

Financial Manager

Intelligence is in many ways a testament to motivation. That is to say, our personal education is often in our own hands. Some of the most iconic scientists, writers, and innovators were never big on school, and pushed themselves to greatness. But at the end of the day, there are some jobs you simply cannot get without a degree in today's working world. Empower yourself and advance your career by investing in your long-term education. Career advancement often depends on having the right qualifications, of a degree in a specific field is often the most important. For example, if you're interested in teaching or becoming a nurse practitioner, you can do endless independent research on the subject, but without a degree you'll never have the opportunity to land the job of your dreams and make the salary you deserve. Here are four great jobs that require a degree:


Educators often come face-to-face with over 100 students during the average work day. Teachers are consistently ready to run a classroom, field tough questions, and deal with concerned parents. The fact is that you can't walk into this job without a degree. The majority of teachers have not only taken the time to go to school to learn their craft, but also logged countless hours studying in the classroom before taking on one of their own. Many teachers go through a semester or year of student teaching to achieve their degrees. There are also individual state tests that teachers must pass in order to demonstrate their subject-matter expertise before entering the profession. This rewarding career demands a degree. Start working to become a teacher online today.

Computer Systems Analyst

This tech-savvy job demands professionals who are able to look at the big picture. A computer systems analyst is tasked with harmoniously balancing a company's computing systems and its employees. Professionals in this position must have a firm grasp of hardware, software, and networks so they can analyze a system in its entirety. It is often preferred that computer systems analysts have a masters degree in information technology or business administration. Ccomputer systems analysts make an excellent median salary of nearly $80,000. This position is expected to see above-average growth over the next decade, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Start working toward a career in information technology now.

Management Analyst

Management analyst professionals are generally tasked with increasing a company's efficiency, thereby increasing profit margins. They are curious and intelligent problem-solvers who can use data to make a business run more smoothly. Management analysts also boast strong presentation skills. The median salary in this position is nearly $80,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 133,800 management analyst and consultant jobs will need to be filled over the next 10 years. This job generally requires an advanced business degree. Work to forward your career in business online.

Financial Manager

Do you have a knack for intelligently managing money? Financial analysts generally just need a bachelor's degree, but becoming a financial manager usually requires an MBA. Financial managers are challenged with not only overseeing the finances of businesses and agencies, but also constantly monitoring spending, projecting profits, and reporting numbers. A financial manager must not only be incredibly money savvy, but also know how to communicate financial decisions with colleagues and executives within a company. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts approximately 47,100 openings in this position by 2022.

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