8 Questions about WGU Answered

WGU Online University

How have online universities changed since WGU launched its innovative model 15 years ago?

How does WGU keeps its tuition for online degree programs so low?

How does a newly enrolled WGU student prepare for school? Without a campus, can online students still have a “college orientation?”

And what about class sizes? How does that work at an online school, and what does WGU’s “class size” look like?

When you’re a "disruptive innovator," as WGU has been called, changing the way we look at education and pioneering new methods for teaching and learning, you’re going to get a lot of questions.

The folks over at OnlineSchools.com recently had some good questions about WGU’s unique model—including the questions above. They invited our own Pat Partridge to answer those questions in a two-part series of articles discussing the quality of online education provided at WGU.

Ever wonder how WGU’s faculty work, how they’re different from faculty at traditional schools, and why their roles have been disaggregated in the WGU model? Maybe someone has asked you how it’s possible to earn a nursing degree online, or how online teacher education works. Or what do employers think about applicants who come in with a WGU degree on their résumés?

These two articles are a great resource for learning more about WGU, or for sharing with your friends and family who have questions of their own. The interview was posted on the website earlier this month:

Online School Spotlight: Western Governors University, Part One

Online School Spotlight: Western Governors University, Part Two

What are your top questions about WGU? Leave a comment below!

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