8 Techy Gadgets For Adult Students' Last-Minute Holiday Wish List

Whether you’re a diehard gearhead who can’t help but wait in long lines for the next generation of anything, or a baffled human being who feels lost and confused among all the new-fangled doodads everybody’s hyping, you know technology plays an important part in finishing your degree online—and beyond.

And while 2015 brought a lot of convenience- and accessibility-focused tech tools, 2016 promises more step-into-the-future virtual reality sets to take precedence. But since gaming with VR goggles proves not very productive for a busy college student, we think it’s a good idea to know which hot new gadgets can help you be more successful when spending long hours studying for an exam or putting together a presentation.

Here’s some tech-for-thought as you make some last-minute additions to your holiday wish list. Of course, WGU doesn't endorse any of these products or retailers, but we thought it would be fun to take a look at what's new this year:

  1. Power strips are great for plugging all your devices into one place, if they all fit. If you want to add a little flexibility into your pluggability, take the Quirky Pivot Power Outlet flexible surge protector into consideration.
  2. With family, work, volunteer, and now school obligations, answering your phone on-the-go is proving harder and harder to master. Stylish smartwatches by Apple, Samsung, LG, and the like make connecting with others even easier.
  3. Coming to a virtual space near you in 2016: Intel is set to release the first laptop with wireless charging, which allows the computer to build a charge anywhere, cutting the need for bulky (and expensive) power cords.
  4. Having trouble keeping things charged while traveling, but you can’t wait for the wireless laptop to be released? Look into an external battery like the Anker Astro E7—you can charge up to eight devices at once.
  5. Ever wanted to submit something to Taskstream but had some serious connectivity issues? Flash drives with portable Wi-Fi networks (like this one by SanDisk) can help make sure you get that performance assessment submitted whenever, wherever.
  6. If you want to watch supplemental learning videos without sacrificing superior sound, some of the newer Bluetooth speakers may have what you’re looking for. Their super powerful output and even longer (up to 24-hour) battery life make for a lot of quality watching time.
  7. Frequent library or coffee shop studier? Lock your laptop down when you need a bathroom break with a security cable lock for your precious portable computer.
  8. Going green in 2016? Orée’s line of handcrafted, all-natural electronics (we, too, never thought that could be a thing) are durable, unprocessed alternatives to some of the chintzier accessories out there: www.oreeartisans.com.

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