Advice from a Grad: How to Get Started as a New WGU Student

By Shauna Samuel
MSN–Leadership & Management, Graduated November 2015

Welcome to WGU! Here are a few tips that I have used and found helpful:

  1. Email all of the course instructors for the courses you’re enrolled in. Introduce yourself and ask for tips and study guides. They will send an email full of goodies that will help you in your courses and are not on the course site.
  2. Create folders in your email account labeled for each course. This will allow you to keep your inbox clear and you can add information, book codes, cohort information, study guides, etc. as you get it without cluttering your inbox.
  3. Print your rubric for any papers you have. It is located in Taskstream (you will have to register initially), which is under your assessment tab on the course of study (COS) page.
  4. You can go ahead and set up all of your papers or PowerPoints ahead of time. Copy and paste the REQUIREMENTS from taskstream in a new Word document. This will allow you to do a section at a time without having to look back and forth in the wgu website. (Courses update … so before writing, recheck your requirements!)
  5. Download ALL books, even if you aren’t in the course yet. You will receive the book codes by email. Register, then download. The books can be found in COS site; click the hyperlink and it will take you where you need to go.
  6. There are several Facebook pages and groups that you the student can join that are very helpful. Use your judgment.
  7. In Facebook, if you want to follow or get notification on a post discussing subject that you are interested in—but you don't want to post a comment to get those notifications—there's a way you can do it! On the post in the upper-right-hand corner there is a down arrow. Click it and then choose “follow” or “save for later.”
  8. You can ALWAYS find previous questions or answers on previous posts by typing the course number (C351) or the subject in the Facebook search box. We have all asked similar questions in the past so the information is at your fingertips!
  9. Download the WGU mobile student app to your smartphones and tablets. This will allow you to study on the go!
  10. There are several helpful resources throughout WGU: the writing center, student services, e-care, and IT are just a few. If you have questions, ASK!
  11. Pace yourself. You have six months, but do not wait until the last minute. You will find yourself struggling to catch up. You have the option to move quickly and accelerate some courses, but do not feel like you are in a race. Take your time; enjoy your family! That’s what’s great about WGU!

I hope this helps! GOOD LUCK!                                                                                                                                 

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