Bored at the Board: WGU Helps Math Teacher Break Away

If you’ve ever sat through a grade-school math class, the image of a teacher standing at the blackboard and covering it with numbers and numbers and more numbers is a familiar image. And probably one that doesn’t fill you with excitement.

Jonathen Willinger, who teaches fourth- through sixth-grade math and fourth-grade science at Jubilee Catholic School Network in Memphis, wants to break away from the board.

The problem is, he’s sort of stuck there for the time being.

“Currently, I stand at my board to teach,” Jonathen says. “When a student needs help, I must quit teaching to assist the student, and then return to the board.”

But he has an idea to fix that, and as one of 10 grand-prize winners in the WGU Loves Teachers sweepstakes, he plans to buy an iPad that will bring his classroom lectures to the next level. “There is an application that would allow me to write on the iPad and the information be displayed onto my board,” he says. “I would then be able to circulate through my classroom and help students more efficiently.”

Through the WGU Loves Teachers sweepstakes, WGU and Scholastic are awarding 10 $300 grand prizes and 100 $25 first prizes to thank teachers for their hard work and help them build up their classroom libraries and supplies.

Congratulations, Jonathen! Stay tuned to The Night Owl Blog for stories of more winners in the future.

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