The Buzz about Competency-based Education

Everyone is talking about competency-based education.

Last month, a bipartisan group of Congress members in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced legislation that would establish a Competency-Based Education Demonstration Program.

The month before that, President Obama laid out a plan for encouraging innovation and affordability in the nation's higher education system—calling out WGU as a competency-based university implementing promising practices that "offer breakthroughs on cost, quality, or both."

And earlier this year, WGU students themselves weighed in on what competency-based learning means to them.

With all this talk about our unique education model, how about a quick run-down on what, exactly, competency-based education is all about—how it works, why it's a great option for working adults, and what earning a degree through a competency-based university is all about?

We're glad you asked:

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