Computer Basics: Taking a Shortcut Isn't Always a Bad Idea

Joann Goeres

By Joann Goeres
Student Success Specialist

I use a combination of mouse clicks and keystrokes when using my computer, which enables me to work as efficiently as possible. In some cases, using keystrokes is easier and quicker than using the mouse to access a dropdown menu from which I then have to select an option. For example, pressing CTRL + 1 is a more efficient way to single space my paragraph than clicking the Format menu and then drilling down to the spacing option.

The Sticky Keys function on Windows PCs can make using keyboard strokes even easier. The Sticky Keys function permits you to strike shortcut keys one at a time rather than together. You can activate Sticky Keys by striking the Shift key five times. You will then be prompted to activate the function.

Sticky Keys Prompt

Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts that I use regularly.

CTRL + ENTERPage Break
CTRL + ASelect All
CTRL + BBold
CTRL + UUnderline
CTRL + CCopy
CTRL + VPaste
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + YRedo
CTRL + PPrint
CTRL + 1Single Spacing
CTRL + 2Double Spacing

To learn more keyboard shortcuts for your computer operating systems, click the appropriate link below:
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Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts
Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

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