Mentor Advice: Energize ... Engage ... Excel!

At WGU, each student is assigned a personal faculty member to work with them as a mentor throughout their time at WGU. Additionally, each course has its own course mentors, subject-matter experts who are available to help students get through course material. Advice from your mentors is invaluable as you make your way through your online degree program. But we also want you to benefit from the wisdom of mentors not necessarily assigned to you, so occasionally, The Night Owl features advice from WGU mentors in colleges throughout the university.

By Dr. Johnett Benson
Capstone Course Mentor, WGU M.S. Nursing program 

At WGU, we are committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to be actively energized and engaged in order for you to excel in your career.

What does it mean to be energized toward a goal? Being personally energized and developing a positive attitude toward your commitment will assist you in being successful and meeting your individual professional goals. We know that this is not an easy task, especially for the many WGU students who are working and have so many other roles and responsibilities.

We know that the commitment of planning and setting aside 15–20 hours a week for course work is substantial. We are here to support you.

What does it mean to be engaged toward a goal? At WGU, our competency-based model includes individual mentor support, which provides you with opportunities for continuous active engagement.  As a WGU student, you will be assigned a faculty mentor who will personally engage with you in providing academic advice, coaching, and support throughout your entire program. You will also be assigned course mentors for each course.  The course mentors, who are subject matter experts, provide individualized support based upon your individual needs in a particular course.

In addition to engagement with your mentors, active learning resource support is provided through Courses of Study, Course Communities, e-textbooks, the WGU Online Library, live IT support, and the Writing Center. At WGU, we are committed to providing you with the tools that allow you to be actively engaged in your success on your time while in an online environment.  

What does it mean to excel in the completion of a goal? By being energized and engaged, you will be able to use all of the competencies of your degree program in the completion of a capstone project. As a WGU graduate, the completion of the capstone project will demonstrate that you have obtained the skills and competencies to excel as a highly trained professional and a leader in your field. 

Dr. Johnett Benson, DNP, MSN, RN-C, is a Capstone Course Mentor in the MSN Program in the College of Health Professions at WGU.  She has extensive experience in clinical practice and nursing education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Her areas of nursing interest include evaluation of clinical nursing education and the effects of plant based diets and exercise on health outcomes.

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