Give the Gift of Education and Support the Red Cross

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As a WGU student or alumnus, you have already decided to give the countless gifts an education provides to yourself and your family.

This holiday season, we invite you to share that gift with your friends, coworkers, and loved ones—and in doing so, benefit the American Red Cross.

From December 1, 2013, through January 5, 2014, for every friend you refer to WGU, we'll donate $20 to the American Red Cross, an organization that is playing a particularly important role in helping the Philippines recover from Typhoon Haiyan and the U.S. Midwest recover from the recent devastating tornadoes.

The donations will continue for referrals through the end of January but will decrease to $10 beginning January 6, 2014.

At least one-third of WGU students—and likely many more—first heard about WGU from a referral. Someone they know who had attended WGU and reaped the benefits of a flexible, competency-based, online university education recommended they become a Night Owl.

When a current student or alumnus refers a prospective new student through, the referrer will receive a small thank-you gift of WGU-branded merchandise. The potential student you refer, meanwhile, will be able to apply for admission to WGU without paying the $65 application fee. And with the added bonus of a donation to the American Red Cross for each qualified referral through January 31, now is the time to spread the word about WGU to anyone you know who may be looking to complete a bachelor's or master's degree and who needs the flexibility of a non-traditional university to do so.

All you need to refer a friend is their name and email address. In order for you to receive the thank-you gift, your friend to receive the application fee waiver, and the Red Cross to receive a donation on your behalf, your friend must complete the referral acceptance form. Only current, matriculated students and alumni of WGU are eligible to make referrals. Only friends requesting information about WGU for the first time will be considered eligible for the application fee waiver. Eligibility will be verified.

So what are you waiting for? Shoot an email to that coworker who's been talking about going back to school. Post a quick message about your Night Owl pride to Facebook or Twitter or Google+ and invite anyone interested in being referred to send you their email address. Give your spouse, sibling, parent, of BFF a quick call and offer them the gift of an education.

Then just head over to and get the ball rolling. You'll be helping your friend, their family, and countless people struggling to recover from the devastation of Haiyan.

Happy holidays, Night Owls!

The American Red Cross is not a sponsor of this promotion.

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