Giving Thanks for an Online College Education

Giving Thanks for Online CollegeThis week, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and the many things in our lives we have to be thankful for, we thought it would be fun to ask our students and alumni to share their gratitude for the opportunities an education affords.

So we took to Twitter and asked followers to complete this sentence: “I’m thankful for @WGU because …”

We’re thankful for the responses that poured in, using hashtag #thankslearning. Here are some of the stand-outs:

@knatradio: I am thankful for @WGU because it offers an economical way to earn my degree while working full time. #thankslearning

@D_Rock40: I am thankful for @WGU because it has put me on track to get the degree I never did. #thankslearning

@surlymae: I am thankful for @WGU because I cannot sit in a class full of people who do not care. #thankslearning

@scooby3900: I am thankful for @WGU cuz I can still be a mom/wife when they are sick, and be there for them. never missing them. #thankslearning

@pleahy: Thankful for @WGU and its awesome staff for helping me be both a dad with special needs kids while supporting my own lifelong learning goals.

Thank you to the entire WGU student body and alumni community for being part of this university. We’re grateful for your commitment to improving your lives and the lives of those you love through hard work and education.

We’re thankful for the way you participate above and beyond your school work – by spreading the word about WGU to your friends and family who may be looking for an online university; by being active participants on this blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, and through your own online blogs and forums, contributing to the conversation about how we can improve and expand access to higher education for all Americans; and by your outstanding work in your jobs and your communities, which reflects so well on the university and your fellow students and alumni.

And we’re thankful for all the family, friends, loved ones, and others who support the online college students in their lives. We encourage all of you to be thankful learners this holiday season. Tell your support network how much you appreciate them – and tell us! Leave your messages of gratitude in the comments below. And remember – if you’re logged in via Facebook, you can @tag your friends and loved ones by name right here in the comments section and give them the public shout-out they deserve!

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