Graduates Receive “Capstone Excellence Award” in 2016

This month 167 students who completed their capstones in the first half of 2016 are being recognized for their outstanding work. 

To celebrate student excellence in the completion of this important endeavor Western Governors University (WGU) grants “Capstone Excellence Awards.”  Since November 2015 the Awards have been presented through a continuous nomination/selection process.  Capstone Faculty Evaluators nominate deserving capstone projects.  The finalists’ work is then reviewed and approved by the Evaluation Management in each College. 

Often students’ capstones were chosen because they provided an excellent example of (1) expressing ingenuity (creativity, originality, initiative, or resourcefulness), (2) exhibiting mastery (higher competency, true craftsmanship, or proficiency), or (3) enabling synergy (creating greater value by serving individuals, an organization, or their community). 

Besides the nominating statement and examination of the completed capstone project, the reviewers consider:

  • Did the candidate earn highest scores on most aspects of the final capstone rubric?
  • Was the candidate nominated for an Excellence Award for a prior capstone task?
  • Did the candidate average two submissions or less on all capstone tasks?
  • Were appropriate Originality scores obtained?
  • Was the capstone completed within a reasonable amount of time?

Note: the importance and relevance of these criteria differ somewhat by degree program.

The capstone is the culminating degree project where WGU students integrate all of their program competencies.  It represents our candidates’ best work, and most of their projects are archived with student permission, thereby available to other students, graduates, mentors, and accreditors to view.  See below the list of WGU students (now graduates) who received the Capstone Excellence Award for their work during the first half of 2016.  You can also link from there directly to these students’ nomination statement and archived work in the Capstone Excellence Archive, accessible through WGU authentication.

This recognition is noted on the recipients’ WGU transcript, and they receive a Capstone Excellence Award certificate.  This achievement is also recognized in various University publications.  For aspiring students seeking future “Capstone Excellence Award” recognition, please review the submissions in the Capstone Excellence Archive and discuss criteria with your Student Mentor and Capstone Course Mentor to guide your capstone efforts.

College of Business

VickyAshlockBS Business - Accounting[Entity Name] Business Plan
VictoriaKoganBS Business - Accounting[Entity Name] Business Plan (not archived)
RichardLogsdonBS Business - IT Management[Entity Name] Business Plan
WernerMuellerBS Business - Sales Management[Entity Name] Executive Management Sales Report
DonFlittonMaster of Business AdministrationRegional Manager Succession Program
DonnaHarkreaderMaster of Business Administration - Healthcare ManagementPrimary Stroke Certification at [Hospital Name]
CatherineRichmondMaster of Business Administration - Healthcare ManagementStrategies to Improve the Patient Experience of Care on a Critical Care Unit
EricBennickMaster of Business Administration - Information TechnologyImproving the use of IT in Medical Simulation (not archived)
KimberlyChapmanMaster of Business Administration - Information TechnologySupply Utilization and Revenue Capture Process Improvement (not archived)
BrianDyckMaster of Business Administration - Management and StrategyInventory Management
WilliamGardnerMaster of Business Administration - Management and StrategyHospital-ity
DavidGeorgerMaster of Business Administration - Management and Strategy[Entity Name]: Increasing Efficiency through Automation
LolaHallMaster of Business Administration - Management and Strategy[Entity Name]: Improvements in Technology, Marketing, and Customer Service.
DanielleMacLeanMaster of Business Administration - Management and Strategy[Entity Name] Credit Union (not archived)
JehilTrivediMaster of Business Administration - Management and StrategyStrategy to Improve Profit Margins and Revenue for Company A (not archived)
DavidCookMS - Management and Leadership[none]
MarkHuffmanMS - Management and LeadershipSite Leadership Effectiveness
StacyJohnsonMS - Management and LeadershipAbove the Benchmark: Solutions for Lowering Blood Culture and Rejected Sample Rates in the Hospital Laboratory
LindsaySmithMS - Management and LeadershipSkills Based Volunteering At [Entity Name]
College of Health Professions  
EllenRemilyBS - Health InformaticsCurrent Status of Health Information Exchange in the United States
SusanRoeserBS - Health InformaticsBar Code Medication Administration: A Nursing Perspective
KatherineSpicerBS - Health InformaticsNational Health Information Infrastructure and Decision Support Systems
AlenaAdamsMS Nursing - EducationDevelopment of the Protocol for Standardized Use of ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Exam
NicolaAdamsMS Nursing - EducationIncorporating a Rapid Response Rotation in New Graduate Orientation
MohammedAl-SaadMS Nursing - EducationIntroducing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to Nurses Handling Neuro-Psychiatric Patients to Reduce Burnout.
SarahBarqueroMS Nursing - EducationChanging School Vision Screening: Education Stakeholders about the Benefits of Photoscreeners
StacyBlackMS Nursing - EducationSkin-to-Skin Care After Cesarean Delivery
KimberlyBoethinMS Nursing - EducationDevelopment of Orthopedic Surgery Curriculum for Registered Nurses
RoxanneBowersMS Nursing - EducationEarly Detection of Sepsis
GinaCawyerMS Nursing - EducationEducating Preoperative Nurses Regarding Effective Patient Teaching Strategies for the Older Adult
MargaretChegeMS Nursing - EducationImproving Post Open Heart Surgery Patient Education
JudithClarkMS Nursing - EducationPerfecting the Art and Science of Patient Handoffs
EarleneCooperMS Nursing - EducationStudent Support and Advising Online (not archived)
KaylaCrossMS Nursing - EducationSuicide Risk Assessment Competency
EmilyDavisMS Nursing - EducationDevelopment of New Hire Orientation for Classroom Instructors
JessicaEllisMS Nursing - EducationDetection and Management of the Alcohol Withdrawal Patient
Joanne (Jo)FalsettaMS Nursing - EducationThe use of Palliative Care Triggers in Trauma/SICU
LindseyGearllachMS Nursing - EducationCardiac Medication Competence for Medical-Surgical Nurses
MelissaGoryMS Nursing - EducationThe Use of Standardized Patients in Psychiatric Simulation In Pre-licensure Nursing Education
BarbaraHarveyMS Nursing - EducationTuning In On Alarm Fatigue (not archived)
BruceHoffmanMS Nursing - EducationCardio-Cerebral Resuscitation: What Is It and How Is It Performed?
MikaHollingsworthMS Nursing - EducationEducation on Fall Risk & Prevention
RobinHollisMS Nursing - EducationImproving Computer Based Training Modules for Annual Competency Testing
ColleenHollisterMS Nursing - EducationDevelopment of a Maternal Newborn Simulation Laboratory for LPN to RN Bridge Students
LisaHoustonMS Nursing - EducationNeonatal Abstinence Syndrome Education Module
AprilHowardMS Nursing - EducationDevelopment of Resilience Education Curriculum for Nursing Students
KatherineHutchisonMS Nursing - EducationCombating Nurse Alarm Fatigue (not archived)
RobinInfingerMS Nursing - EducationMetabolic Monitoring in Patients Receiving Second Generation Antipsychotic Medications (not archived)
KristyJoslinMS Nursing - EducationImplementing a Screening Process for Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Psychiatric Setting
JoDeanKileMS Nursing - EducationSimulation Training for Nursing Students in Obstetrics (not archived)
ShannaKrauszMS Nursing - EducationTransforming Care at the Bedside
JaecaMalacaraMS Nursing - EducationUsing Teach-Back in Triage (not archived)
ChipikoMalekanoMS Nursing - EducationSepsis Education is the Key to Reducing Mortality
Antoinette (Toni)McCormickMS Nursing - EducationPromoting Awareness for Evidence Based Practice LGBT Education
RondaMcCownMS Nursing - EducationPreparing Nursing Students to Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Using High-Fidelity
JessicaMonaghanMS Nursing - EducationQuantifying Blood Loss after Vaginal Deliveries: A Practice Change Proposal (not archived)
RachelNeillMS Nursing - EducationThe Use of High Fidelity Simulations for Pediatric RN Resuscitation Training
KaseyNestorMS Nursing - EducationDischarge Instructions for Skin Tear Management
WilliamNolanMS Nursing - EducationPatient Falls in the Emergency Department Before and After Hourly Rounding Was Initiated
BrendaNordstromMS Nursing - EducationComprehensive Pain Management Education for the Pre-Licensure Nursing Student
CarolPowellMS Nursing - EducationObstetric Hemorrhagic Event Plan
AliciaRainsMS Nursing - EducationImplement Bedside Reporting for Staff Nurses
TaraSaulterMS Nursing - EducationHazards of Surgical Plume (not archived)
KarenSinclairMS Nursing - EducationEducating Nurses on the Importance for Reducing Distractions During Medication Administration
LoriSmitMS Nursing - EducationCulture of Safety (not archived)
MarcySnyderMS Nursing - EducationCreating a Structured Orientation Process for Pediatric Clinical: Using Multi-Modal Methods to Tie Theory to Practice
KateriSpinellaMS Nursing - EducationMedication Reconciliation in Hospice Patients (not archived)
LeslieStephensonMS Nursing - EducationPregnancy Education for the ICU Nurse
DebraStillwellMS Nursing - EducationREACT: A Curriculum for Transition into Practice Simulation Lab
MorganStockMS Nursing - EducationRevision and Implementation Preparation of an Online Practical Nurse Refresher Course
MelaneyStricklinMS Nursing - EducationEducating Nurses About CMQCC's Preeclampsia Toolkit
Marie GladysVillarizaMS Nursing - EducationThe Importance of Staff Education on Fall Prevention (not archived)
HollyWhitleyMS Nursing - EducationAlternative Therapies: The Forgotten Modalities for Pain Management
TriciaZoellerMS Nursing - EducationPediatric Psychiatric Emergency Department Staff Education Module
ErinAllenMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementAppropriate Vascular Access Selection for Hospital Inpatients
CherylArmijoMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImproving Fall Prevention in a Two Hospital System
JoyceBennettMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImprove Communication Through Change of Shift Tool
JasonBlevinsMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementStandardization of the Urgent Care Centers (not archived)
GiannaBleyerMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImproving Understanding of the Community Care Programs for Veterans and their Caregivers
JennyBorjeMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementSleep Deprivation: Patient and Night Shift Nurses Safety
JenniferBowermanMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImproving Patient Communication (not archived)
BarryBoyceMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementDevelopment of an Emergency Department Case Management Program Standard
BrendaBrooksMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImpacting Hospital Discharge of the High-risk Neonate through Effective Transprofessional Care Coordination (not archived)
TamiBullockMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementUtilization of Cord Blood Sample as Alternative to Peripheral Site Sample for Evaluation of Newborn Sepsis
MichaelBurdickMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementCompassion Fatigue in the Emergency Department: Changing a Culture
AngelaCantwellMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementDecisions for Interventions in Behavioral Health: Restraints as a Last Resort
NikitaCobbMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementRetention of Emergency Room Novice Nurses (not archived)
RebeccaCollins-SquibbMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementStaff Retention Program
SharonCrawfordMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementAn Evidence-Based Practice Change in the Surgical Department
ReginaDeckMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImproving Patient Access to Clinical Trials through the Rapid Activation Process
JamieDeckmanMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementPost Operative Management of Patient's at Risk for OSA
MelindaDeHoyosMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImplementation of Early Skin-to-Skin Contact after Cesarean Delivery
AmberDillonMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementCardiovascular Fall Risk Identification
RobinDonaldsonMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementPatient Education for Management of Home Medications (not archived)
AnnEalyMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementMore than the phone (not archived)
KarenEvanoskyMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImplementation of Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Practices and Their Effect on Initiation and Exclusivity of Breastfeeding
AprilFarrisMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementUnit-Based Council: A Shared Governance Improvement Plan to Retain Nurses (not archived)
JohnFloydMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementPressure Ulcer Prevention
CherieFrameMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementNurse Driven Foley Removal
DawnGallowayMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementDevelopment of a Bedside Report Tool (not archived)
LindsayGarciaMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementSkin-to-Skin Contact after Cesarean Birth (not archived)
ChrisGreenwoodMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementReducing Patient Falls Through the Use of Centralized Video Monitoring (not archived)
Frances (Frankie)HofflerMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementTargeting Sepsis in the Emergency Department: Evidence Based Care for Improved Patient Care (not archived)
AmberHooverMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementDecreasing Post Angiography Bed Rest
KristenIlabanMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementBurnout in Psychiatric Nursing: "Regain the Flame" (not archived)
LaTonyaJohnsonMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementTriage to Treatment: Improving Communication in the Emergency Department
ShannonJohnsonMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementThe Journey to Nursing Excellence Through Shared Governance
KimberlyJuddMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementReducing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections in an Acute Care Setting
DarcieKofferMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementOutcomes-Based Education
KaceyLarsenMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementAnaphylaxis Education in Schools
KarenLewisMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementDeveloping a Plan to Implement an Evidence-Based Approach to Postpartum Hemorrhage at [Hospital Name]
ElviaLlanas-LopezMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementBedside Handoff Report: A Scripted Approach
ChristinaLundbergMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementReducing Burnout Among Med/Surg Nurses
DwightMcCallaMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementEmployee Recognition Program: A QI Initiative
AndreaMcCarronMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementOral Intake in Labor and Delivery
NicoleMcCaughinMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImplementation of Bedside Reporting
WynemaMcElveenMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementEvidence for Best Practice: Optimizing Heart Failure Reduction Strategies through a Nurse-Led Heart Failure Program (not archived)
KaseyMullinsMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementBuilding a Culture of Shared Governance Through the Use of a Nurse Practice Council (not archived)
BrandonNanceMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementOR/PACU Handoff Project
JeanRipleyMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementImproving Patient Satisfaction with decreased nurse to patient ratios
MicheleRiveraMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementFire Risk Assessment during Procedural "Time Out" (not archived)
AndrewScrenchukMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementRe-implementation of the "M" in the Box Medication Education Method for Registered Nurses (not archived)
BobbiSolarskiMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementLeader Toolkit to Address Compassion Fatigue
AnnaSteffeMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementPatient Hand Hygiene
KristenStevensMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementKeeping Patients Safe through a Just Culture
MollyTillgrenMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementDevelopment of a Policy for Prone Positioning of ARDS Patients in the ICU
VictoriaVandenbergMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementControl of Off-Label Use of Medical Devices: A Process Improvement Project
Maria AngelieVelascoMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementPatient Experience Program: Improving Safety and Satisfaction Scores
GloriaVictorinoMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementUpdating the Rapid Response Team Policy (not archived)
ReneeWaltonMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementPrevention of Inadvertent Intraoperative Fires: A Patient Safety Issue
StarlaWilkesMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementStandardized Preoperative Patient Hand-off
KeanZhangMS Nursing - Leadership and ManagementEnhance Hourly Rounding by Nurse Leader Rounds (not archived)
Teachers College   
AndreaMarksM.Ed. - Instructional DesignA Potential Solution to the Dilemma of Finding Time and Resources for Effective and Collaborative Professional Development
MichaelPalmerM.Ed. - Instructional DesignEmployee Training and Attitudes in Workplace Performance Management Programs
RobertPlevaM.Ed. - Instructional DesignPhonology for English Language Instructors: The Effects of a Training Course on the Knowledge of and Attitudes toward Teaching English Pronunciation
PeterSawchukM.Ed. - Instructional DesignLeadership Development Programs and the Impact on Essential Soft Skills
LyndaSeneffM.Ed. - Instructional DesignMED, Instructional Design Capstone Written Project (not archived)
LukeAndersonM.Ed. - Learning and TechnologyUsing Technology to Impact Students in Science Inquiry (not archived)
KaytieEdwardsM.Ed. - Learning and TechnologyCareer Readiness in High School Graduates: Writing a Cover Letter, Resume, and Participating in a Mock Interview
JohannaKirkegaard-BlueM.Ed. - Learning and TechnologyChild Pedestrian Safety Education (not archived)
JuanRecinosM.Ed. - Learning and TechnologySpanish Verb Conjugation
JesseKinkeadMA - Science Education (5-12), Biology[no title]
JessicaQuinteroMED - Learning and TechnologyProviding Enduring Training for Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) Workers; Overcoming Training Barriers
PaulMcDonoghMS - Curriculum and InstructionHybrid Classroom Design: The Effectiveness of an Instructional Design Strategy in a 9th Grade Physical Science Classroom
TanishaSommerville-KnightMS - Curriculum and InstructionUse of Shared Reading to Improve Reading Performance
EmilyWilsonMS - Curriculum and InstructionEnglish Learner Vocabulary Development by Way of Morphological Awareness
ShaunaBinkerdMS - Educational LeadershipOnline School Organization Centralized File Management Delivery System
GloriaDabbMS - Educational LeadershipBenefits of Curriculum Mapping in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom
LoriLynchMS - Educational LeadershipIncrease Student Achievement in Math
TraceyMikosMS - Educational LeadershipCreating a Blended Learning Environment using OneNote Class Notebooks
MichellePeetMS - Educational LeadershipEarly College Professional Development Series as a Format for Improving Workplace Collegiality
College of Information Technology  
JeffArthurBS - Information TechnologyVirtual Desktop Infrastructure for Application Delivery
NathanKeeterBS - Information TechnologyNext Generation Network Security
RobertLakeBS - Information Technology[Entity Name] Infrastructure Upgrade 2016
RobertLambBS - Information TechnologyInformation Technology Web Solutions for Small Business
AnthonyOrlingBS - Information TechnologyBranch Office Secure Network
DominicRatcliffBS - Information TechnologyWindows 7 and Legacy Application Upgrade
JoshuaRumpholBS - Information TechnologyImproving SQL server backups
RussellHalfarBS - IT Network ManagementDeploying Windows 7 Images at XYZ Communications
TimothyStallingsBS - IT SecuritySecure Network Solution
Jedidiah (Jed)TannerBS - IT SecurityMitigating Accreditation Risks with ACAS (not archived)
SheaNemethBS - IT Software[Software Name] - A 2D Platformer
TonyCarmanMS - Information Security and Assurance (MS-ISA)Workforce Productivity Enhancements in Higher Education With Shibboleth Single Sign-On Capability
AdamHooperMS - Information Security and Assurance (MS-ISA)Implementation of Risk Management Framework under Federally Compliant Standards
JoshuaJordanMS - Information Security and Assurance (MS-ISA)Security Policy for a Public Library District
JohnLovellMS - Information Security and Assurance (MS-ISA)Advanced Analytics and Big Data in the Financial Sector
JosephWhittingtonMS - IT Network ManagementA CMS Implementation


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