Hiring of New Grads Hasn't Grown Like This Since the Dot-Com Boom

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A new nationwide study from Michigan State University has great news for new college grads: Employers are planning hiring increases in the double digits, a spike not seen since the dot-com growth of 1999-2000.

The survey of HR managers at 5,700 companies nationwide found those companies plan to hire 120,000 new graduates in the coming year; 78% of them will have bachelor’s degrees—a 16% increase year-over-year.

Another group of new grads with big reason to celebrate are MBAs, who will see a 38% increase in hiring among their ranks, the survey suggests. Hiring for MBAs is projected to show its largest gain since 2007.

The following sectors all reported plans to increase hiring at double-digit rates:

  • Nonprofits (16%)
  • Manufacturing (17%)
  • Government (24%)
  • Professional, business, and scientific services (24%)
  • Finance and insurance (31%)
  • Information services (51%)

The growth comes from a combination of increased new hiring, retirement, and job liquidity—more turnover as the improving economy gives more workers confidence to leave current jobs in search of better jobs.

In other words: Your decision to finish your degree and increase your competitiveness in the job market? Yeah, that was a really good idea!

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