I Am a Military Daughter, a Military Wife, a Military Mother—and a WGU Employee

By Joann Goeres, Student Success Specialist, WGU

Military Friendly Online University Employee Joann Goeres and Family

As a military-friendly online university with nearly 2,500 current students attending with military benefits, WGU is proud to join the rest of the nation in celebrating Veterans Day and recognizing our military personnel and their families throughout the month of November—and all year long.

I was born into a military family at Fort Ord Army Base, California, and grew up on military bases across the United States and Europe as a military daughter. I eventually married a soldier serving in the U.S. Army and continued my journey as a military wife.

Today, our youngest son is serving in the U.S. Air Force, making me a military mother. To date, he has spent half of his five years of service deployed overseas, and he just left the United States this week for another overseas deployment. The military men in my family—father, husband, and son—have served and sacrificed for the past 60 consecutive years, and our son continues that unbroken commitment of service to our country.

Military Friendly Online University Staff Spotlight

Military service is not just a job; it is a way of life. Military service members are asked to put their country first, above all else, at times. In times of peace and in times of conflict, this level of service and commitment to country presents the military family with unique challenges and concerns. We may not know or understand all of the sacrifices military members and their families make, but we can thank them for their service because that service is for us.

Spend a little time with any military family member, and soon you will learn their story of service and sacrifice.

What is your story? Please share it in the comments below!

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