The Importance of Course Mentors

Course Mentor

This blog post was adapted from advice written by a WGU evaluator—who is also a WGU alum—as feedback to a student who was struggling to write a passing paper for a course in the MBA program. It's a great perspective from someone who has experience both as a WGU student and faculty member, so we're sharing it here as helpful advice as you make your way through your online degree program at WGU.

As a current faculty member in MBA evaluation and a WGU alum, I understand the importance of course mentors. But I didn't always feel that way.

I spent my first two terms at WGU without talking to a single course mentor and struggled the entire time. I was too stubborn or proud to ask for help. I thought that because I was a business professional and had been for 15 years I could do everything on my own.

Well, I was wrong!

When I finally started working with course mentors, I learned just how much they could help me succeed and pass my assessments. They were able to review all of my submissions, and we would go through each of my failing aspects. The mentor would have me explain my thought processes while on the phone with them, so that they knew I understood what I needed to do to pass my task.

They never gave me directions, just helped me to look at things in a different way. After reaching out to the course mentors, I was able to accelerate my program. I added additional courses during my terms, and graduated with my MBA in 23 months.

As an evaluation faculty member, I often see submissions from students that would have benefited from a meeting with a course mentor. That is why evaluators have the option to refer students to course mentors if we feel it would be a benefit to the student. We want you to pass on your first or second submission, not continue to struggle.

So, if you are anything like I was, put your pride, stubbornness, and fears aside, and reach out to a course mentor. They are experts in their fields.

As WGU employees, we want to help make your dreams come true, just like mine did!

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