Improvements in Research and Capstone Protections

Today we announce several exciting developments in research compliance as WGU adheres to federal regulations and protects human subjects, particularly in capstone projects. These changes enable you to administer your capstone project in an ethical and safe manner, benefiting whatever organization within which you work, and preparing you to conduct such projects in your future career or academic pursuits.

Major changes in WGU’s human subject protections. 
WGU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), which oversees human research protections, has made significant changes to WGU’s policies, procedures, and practices associated with safeguarding participants in capstone projects and other research at the university. Faculty, administrators, and other staff have undertaken significant training about these changes, federal regulations, and their implications for WGU courses and programs.

Modifications in many capstone courses. 
Capstones in the College of Business, the College of IT, and the Teachers College are being revised so that in the future students enrolling in this final culminating project of their degree program gain competence in the protection of human subjects during this assessment.

Launch of the IRB Information Site.  
To make all aspects of human subject protections transparent to the WGU community, we are launching a site dedicated to this activity. It lists IRB members, supplies IRB policies and procedures, houses associated documents for student and employee use, provides links to various training materials and online instructions, and links to the federal regulations.

The new IRB Information Site is available today for all members of the WGU community through WGU single login password authentication. Additional changes are being implemented then as well. If you would like further information about these important developments, please contact

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