Knock out Chores with this WGU Coupon Book

You know what really kills the studying vibe? A laundry list of chores you have to do around the house that’s the size of Mount Everest. There’s nothing that hinders my productivity more than knowing after I study I’ve got five hundred other things to do. Studying is important though and it’s vital to your success at WGU, so if you’re having trouble finding the time now’s the time to toss some of those chores over to the rest of the family. If there is a gigantic pile of dishes in the sink and the kids are running around the house like Usain Bolt, wouldn’t it be great if someone else took care of it?

This WGU Coupon book can help get you back on track, just throw together your least favorite chores and when the time comes rip one off and rely on your support team. So start calling in those favors because what’s most important is getting your degree at WGU finished up! Happy Studying!


For Each of the 4 Images Below:

1. Right Click and Save Image to Computer

2. Print out

3. Cut along the dotted lines

4. Staple together for a handy Coupon Book!


Coupon Book Page 1


Coupon Book Page 2


Coupon Book Page 3


Coupon Book Page 4

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