Knowledge: The Ultimate Superpower

We all know that knowledge is power. In an economy where competition for jobs is tough and advanced degrees can give you the edge, you might even say that education gives you a superpower.

Online University Super Hero

Just for fun, we recently asked WGU’s Facebook fans what superpowers WGU’s mascot Sage the Night Owl would have if the online university were a comic book and Sage our superhero. Based on the creative and clever responses, it looks like Facebookers had as much fun answering the question as we had reading those answers.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Tori: "Never needing sleep…"
  • Judy: "The power of undying motivation! That's the superpower that I need!"
  • Jordan: "Making quality college education affordable."
  • LaQueshia: "He could see through the darkest and write at the speed of light."
  • Kathia: "To be able to stay up all night and function the next day!" (We’re sensing a theme…)
  • Julie: "Speed reading."
  • Hope: "Superior powers of reasoning and deduction, allowing him to outwit all opponents! And obviously, the ability to fly."
  • Leesa: "He would have a screech that would knock the stupid out of his opponents."
  • Heather: "Ability to destroy Taskstream with laser eyeballs."
  • Dene: "Being able to stay up all night with no sleep." (There’s that recurring theme again.)
  • Autumn: "Learning via osmosis."
  • James: "Being able to stare at a book and absorb the entire contents within seconds."
  • Mike: "His superpower would be to use his fire breath to burn all of my math homework."
  • Donna and Jenean both said: "Photographic memory!"
  • Rebecca: "Innovation."
  • Jerry: "Turning caffeine into code."
  • Summer: "Super RESEARCHITUDE!"
  • Ryan: "A nine-minute drum solo."
  • Bryan: "Able to read people’s minds."

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below what superpowers would help you most in furthering your education.

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