Letting the Right Job Find You With Your Online Resume

Current and future job seekers, pay attention!

Here are some surprising numbers you may not know about your job search:

  • 20 seconds: That's the average time an employer will look at your résumé before forming an opinion and either putting you in the "promising candidate" pile or ruling you out.
  • 75 percent: That's, at least, how many employers will Google your name before deciding whether to hire you. It's probably a low estimate.
  • 80 percent: That's how many jobs are filled on the "hidden" job market – positions that are never advertised online, in the newspaper, with a "help wanted" sign in the window, or anywhere else.

So in a tough job market, your task just got tougher: How do you make a quick, convincing, and compelling case for yourself as a job candidate? How do you make sure your Google results give a prospective employer a complete picture of your skills and experience? And what if the perfect position for you isn't listed on any job site – if you can't find the job, how do you make sure the job finds you?

WGU students have access to a tool to help them address all those challenges with an online résumé.

You can learn all about this tool in this recent WGU Career Café webinar, provided to you for free courtesy of WGU Alumni & Career Services.

Do you have an online résumé? What do you think about this new necessity for job seekers?

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