Business College Mentor Profile: Lee Angel

earning an online mba degreeSome call her Dr. Doolittle. Others call her the Chicken Whisperer. She’s a wife and a mom. And for a lucky handful of students earning their business degree online, she’s known as "My mentor, Lee Angel.".

Lee is a mentor in the Business College, closing out her second year as a WGU employee this October. In that time, she has fallen in love with the WGU model and the students she works with.

"I love that students who are working and juggling family responsibilities can get their degrees using WGU’s dynamic and innovative model," she says. "I am happy to say this is the best place I have ever worked."

An MBA degree-holder herself, Lee has a passion for education and has worked in the field for years. But it’s not her only skill. Having spent almost her entire life living on a farm in "super-small-town" Kentucky, she has a way with animals, especially birds. She raises chickens, geese, ducks, Guinea fowl, and peafowl. Beyond her feathered friends, she also raises goats and grows flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

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