Mentoring: Personal Support through Your Online College Education

Mentor: a wise and trusted counselor, guide, or teacher; tutor; coach

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January is National Mentoring Month, and at WGU, we’re excited to celebrate.

National Mentoring Month honors the work specifically of volunteers who mentor children, giving kids a boost in their confidence, their academic abilities, and their outlook on their future. It’s important work, and we join President Obama and the organizers of National Mentoring Month in encouraging adults to invest in our nation’s youth by volunteering with a local mentoring organization.

Of course, at WGU, our definition of “mentor” is slightly different from this official definition. Our mentors share their experience, expertise, and encouragement with adult learners making their way through WGU’s online degree programs, rather than with children and the younger generation. But the philosophy is the same: We all need the support of a mentor, the insights of a trusted adviser, and the ear of a caring coach as we endeavor to reach our goals. Young or old, child or adult, student or professional – we can all use a mentor now and then.

So this month, we’ll mark National Mentoring Month by celebrating the critical role WGU’s student mentors, course mentors, and Alumni & Career Services mentors play in the success of WGU’s students and alumni.

One way we’ll do this is by sharing students’ and grads’ stories here on WGU Connection. Do you have a story of a time when your WGU mentor made the difference for you? Did you lean on your mentor during a particularly tough time, or learn an invaluable lesson from him or her? Would you like to publicly thank and honor your mentor by sharing your story?

Leave a comment in the comments section below. Briefly share your story, and we’ll select some stories to expand into blog posts throughout the month.

Also stay tuned to WGU Connection and the WGU Facebook page for video interviews with some of our mentors, tips and advice for making the most of your assigned mentor relationship, and more conversation about our mentors and what they mean to us.

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