Milken Family Foundation

We want to congratulate Kimberly James, a Western Governors University student on receiving the Milken Family Foundation Teacher of the Year Award! This past September, she also received Teacher of the Year for Guilford County Schools, the third largest school district in North Carolina.

Kimberly is a part of the online teachers college pursuing an online master’s degree in Education Leadership. Kimberly has been teaching at Triangle Lake Montessori since 2003 in Greensboro, NC. She teaches exceptional (special Ed) students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Kimberly started with a career in human services, after attending a seminar and hearing statistics about education she decided her skill sets could be useful to a school. She wanted to volunteer at a school and as she was interviewing it turned into a job offer. When she decided to get her master’s degree, her principal suggested an online program. She originally applied to a local university but it was not flexible enough for her schedule. She found WGU through an online search and she was assured that WGU was a great school by her district.

Kimberly tells us she absolutely loves her WGU experience. It was the best program for her and she likes it is tailored to adults. She likes the affordability, weekly contact, and her program. The competency-based program is nice because it’s not about time, but mastery of critical areas in education.

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