My Mentor: Ian Poor

January is National Mentoring Month, and throughout the month, WGU Connection will be highlighting stories of WGU mentors and the students they’ve helped along the way.

By Tamika Lawson
Bachelor of Science in Business, IT Management
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

online business degree mentor Ian Poor

I started Western Governors University with high expectations, dreaming of finishing my Business–IT Management degree in three terms. After 24 transfer credits, I had 96 competency units (CU’s) to go. With the help of my mentor, Ian Poor, I was able to complete 84 of those CU’s in one term and even overcome a few obstacles along the way.

.When I failed my first assessment – MKC1 to be exact – I was down in the dumps. I could not focus. Ian was able to give me guidance and support. He went far beyond, even scheduling appointments with course mentors for me. In addition, although we had set appointments to speak every one to two weeks, we corresponded by email even more frequently and I had no problems reaching him.

Ian is definitely the reason I have been so successful. If I knocked a course out and we did not have an appointment scheduled for two weeks, I could email him, we’d talk about course selection, and BAM! AAV was set without incident.

On November 4, 2011, I lost my grandmother, and I was thinking to myself, "How am I going to go on? How can I focus?" Ian and I spoke. I went on vacation and took some much needed downtime. When I got back, Ian was very supportive. He assured me that I had completed so many CU’s that, if I wanted some time to take a break from school, I could take it.

I listened to him, but after deep thought, I decided to stick with it, to move forward. So here I am, five months and 84 CU’s since starting my first term. I couldn't have done it without Ian. He is the reason my next term starts February 1 and I only have my capstone and portfolio left to complete. Thanks, Ian and WGU!

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