Night Owls Score Tuition at Utah Jazz Game

WGU and Utah Jazz

Despite a loss to the L.A. Lakers, the final home game for the Utah Jazz was full of celebration for three of our Night Owls. Kyle Deamer, Jasmin Williams, and Taylor Jones were each awarded a one-year full-tuition scholarship during the half-time show. WGU President Bob Mendenhall presented the checks at center court with the help of Sage, our mascot, and the Jazz Bear.

"The Jazz organization places great value on education, and we are thrilled to help provide academic assistance to members of our community," said Randy Rigby, President of the Utah Jazz.

The scholarships were provided as part of a partnership between WGU and the Utah Jazz. The three recipients were chosen at random from the list of applicants. Each scholarship recipient is currently enrolled at WGU and working toward a bachelor's degree. Deamer is focusing on Health Informatics, Williams is working toward a career in Human Resources, and Jones is studying Special Education.

"This scholarship is really unique," said Nick Rothacher, Scholarships Program Manager. "Only students who are currently enrolled at WGU are eligible. This gave us a chance to celebrate the great effort these students are putting into their futures."

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Congrats Night Owls!

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