No More "What Ifs"

Do you ever ask yourself, "What if…?" No matter how hard we try to live in the present, it’s human nature to think about what might have been if we’d made different choices.

Sometimes, "what ifs" come in the form of “if only.” Fortunately, though, today we’re not talking about regrets. We recently asked WGU students and alumni on Facebook to play the "what if" game, and the overwhelming response was joy and satisfaction with a path well-chosen.

What we asked was simple: "Fill in the blank: If I hadn't found WGU, today I'd be _______."

The responses were funny and heart-felt, poignant and proud. Dozens and dozens of students were happy to reflect on the might-have-beens that they avoided thanks to finding their online degree programs at WGU.

We've compiled some of our favorite responses into a pinable infographic! We've also added a convenient "Pin-It" button to the top of the blog. If you'd like to show your WGU pride and share the infographic with your friends on Pinterest, click the button and pin away! You can also click the picture below to enlarge it.

If I hadn't found WGU Infographic

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