Nurses With Bachelor's Degrees Encouraged by Growing Job Prospects

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People who are interested in pursuing a career in nursing are on the right track. A recent survey showed that students who have completed their bachelor's degree in nursing have a greater chance of receiving job offers after after they finish school than graduates from other fields.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), 59 percent of new bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) graduates were offered jobs as soon as they earned their diplomas. The survey, which involved deans and directors of nursing schools across the nation, found that 89 percent of BSN graduates secured job offers after four to six months.

Encouraging employment prospects for nurses
The rate of BSNs finding employment after graduation is greater than other college graduates, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. More than 38,000 fresh college graduates across multiple disciplines were involved in the study, and the results showed that fewer than 30 percent of students were able to land a job offer right after graduation in 2012. AACN President Jane Kirschling says the growing demand for better health care services requires the skills of highly trained and well-educated individuals, and BSNs are meeting that demand.

"Despite concerns about new college graduates finding employment in today's tight job market, graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs are finding positions at a significantly higher rate than the national average," Kirschling said in an AACN press release. "As more practice settings move to require higher levels of education for their registered nurses, we expect the demand for BSN-prepared nurses to remain strong as nurse employers seek to raise quality standards and meet consumer expectations for safe patient care."

Higher education for a secure future
In the past, many people pursued a nursing career after earning their associate's degree. But more men and women are returning to nursing school to make themselves more marketable with a bachelor's or master's degree. Two-year nursing programs generally focus on preparing students for their licensure exams. However, people who graduate with a BSN are ready for the exam, and have also taken classes that focus on communication, medical research, leadership roles and management.

As hospitals and medical clinics continue to keep quality standards at a high level, nurses will be able to find work nearly anywhere in the country. The demand for BSNs will continue to grow as the baby boomer population reaches retirement age and the Affordable Health Care Act gives tens of millions of people access to basic health care.

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