Online Master's Degree Student Bineta Diop

healthcare management degree onlineBineta Diop, a Healthcare Management student originally from Senegal, has big plans for the online master's degree she's earning at WGU – and they're plans for more than a career.

Bineta plans to use the skills she's learning to work for an NGO that brings better healthcare to poor countries.

In fact, it's her passion for the well-being of children that drives her work and her pursuit of an education. She is committed to fighting child labor and begging worldwide, and her dream is a world where all children have access to a high-quality education.

"My enrollment at WGU is a living testimony that my dream is well on its way to becoming a reality," she says.

She says that as an African Muslim woman, she has had to work very hard to have access to an education, and she calls WGU her "academic heaven."

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