Planning Realistic Deadlines for Your Online Degree

earning an online degree, online university, online degree, study tipsYou are not the only student who fears deadlines. They creep up, cause stress, and generally generate a feeling of dread. What if you could alter these negative thoughts into a productive mindset? For many online university students, a deadline is considered unpleasant simply because it has negative connotations. By learning how to proactively tackle your work, a list of tasks to cross off will become a pleasure rather than a pain. Avoid the common mistakes below and you will be one step closer to a new way of useful thinking.

You underestimate your time. It’s difficult to determine how much time a task needs until you actually accomplish it. Fortunately, most courses come with a list of assignments to familiarize you with the homework process and your pace. After finishing your first assignment, calculate how much time it took. The average person reads one page per minute; is that your average speed? The average person types one page per half hour; is that your pace as well? Think about these components and plot your future assignments accordingly. Don’t lose time as the result of poor planning.

You don’t anticipate snags. Attending an online university means working independently. While some students find new material naturally easy, most hit a few roadblocks along the way. Account for time spent going over difficult material and correcting mistakes. Ideally, your work will go smoothly. Realistically, make sure you have time to spare if it doesn’t.

You don’t think positive. An online degree is about higher education, a better career, and a better future. Keep those facts in mind as you begin your studies. Sure, the stresses of work and home can dull your enthusiasm, but keeping an eye on the end goal will help make your efforts more efficient.  If you feel yourself falling behind, recite your reasons for seeking an online degree and push yourself harder. Education is an empowering journey, and your online university experience is what you make of it. Do yourself a favor and enjoy it.

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