Portrait of a Night Owl - Infographic

One of the great things about the WGU student body is that it's made up of 46,000 different stories—46,000 people with 46,000 educational backgrounds, 46,000 learning styles, and 46,000 reasons for choosing WGU as their online university of choice.

It really is a remarkably diverse mix of nontraditional students whose "nontraditionalness" manifests itself in countless different ways.

But even still, we hear the question all the time: Who is the typical WGU Night Owl?

There are a lot of standard answers we can give. We know that the average student age is in the mid-30s, though students range from their late teens into their 80s. We know that the average student works full time, has a family, has some previous college experience but, for one reason or another, didn't finish that goal of a bachelor's or master's degree the first time around.

But where's the personality in those facts?

We thought it would be fun to get to know our student body in some new ways. So we took to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and The Night Owl student newsletter and asked students to take a little survey.

Thousands of you responded, and while it's still impossible to come anywhere close to painting the profile of the "typical" WGU student, we learned some fun facts about you.

For example, did you know that, if it weren't for WGU, our students would have to drive an average of 42.37 miles to attend the traditional school of their choice?

And with those busy lives you lead, on average, you get 6.7 hours of sleep a night.

Check out the infographic here to learn more about what we learned about your "classmates." Let us know in the comments what you found most surprising—and how you'd define the "typical" WGU Night Owl!

Portrait of a Night Owl - Infographic

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