Regaining Personal Financial Balance

Regaining Personal Financial Balance

At WGU we champion your ability to earn an accredited, high quality degree in less time for less money. Your success stories can help others envision that reality for themselves. Many students transfer to WGU to complete their degrees affordably, acquiring far less student debt. Finding a balance between funding your education and managing your personal finances is vital to a healthy future.

Nationwide, student debt has created an economic crisis for many graduates and former students. Too many students are graduating with an overwhelming amount of loan debt that will take years to pay off. Affordability and high quality need not be mutually exclusive, and it’s increasingly vital that students have options that offer both.

Many of our transfer students have found that WGU provides a solution for quality education that is affordable. How did transferring to WGU help you regain financial control of your life? We would love to hear from you and learn more about your journey. Share your WGU transfer stories in the comment section below and help others find their way out of student debt.

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