Six Reasons to Consider an Online Business Degree at WGU

earning an online business degreeStudents seeking a degree online generally want something more in their professional lives. Western Governors University offers online business degree programs that allow you to improve your future at your own pace. So, what are the main reasons to consider a business degree?

1. Career advancement. Oftentimes, the first step of improving your career is voicing your desire to do so. While your voice may not currently carry much weight, earning a bachelor or master’s degree in Business will speak volumes. Employers are looking for educated people to take charge of their business practices, and many prefer to promote from within. Earning your degree online gives you the ability to focus on your work and education simultaneously, proving that you can handle more responsibility.

2. Flexibility. Earning a business degree takes time, but contrary to popular belief, there are business degree programs designed to fit into your schedule. WGU offers you the flexibility to study in your spare time, whether it be after work, on the weekends, or during your lunch hour. Earning an accredited degree online means integrating education into your schedule, not sacrificing all of your free time.

3. Specialization. Employers will tell you that specialization is one of the most attractive features of a winning candidate. Focusing on a specific area of business can transform you into an expert and a vital part of the business team. WGU offers business degree programs that focus on:

4. Affordability. Quality education does not mean breaking the bank; WGU offers affordable flat-rate tuition rates per term as opposed to universities with similar curriculum.The financial divide can mean the difference between investing a percentage of your paycheck each month, or investing in lifelong student loans.

5. Applied experience. WGU believes in competency-based learning; if you have already mastered basic business principles, you will be allowed to demonstrate your knowledge in order to advance more quickly.

6. Competitive advantage. WGU is different. Each student is required to work independently and demonstrate a firm understanding of the course material before moving forward. Skills like these will serve you well in your career, and practicing them in an online university setting is a great place to start.

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