Someone’s Been Talking about Us!

The recent news that the National Council on Teacher Quality had identified WGU as the university offering the nation’s best value in teacher-prep education made us very proud—if not necessarily all that surprised.

To us, value is defined as quality minus cost, and offering a highly relevant curriculum leading to a well-respected degree at an affordable cost (with a flexible and personalized learning experience) is our focus at WGU. It’s why we exist!

Recently, Money Magazine agreed with NCTQ’s opinion of our value, recommending a WGU teaching degree as one of their “10 Great Things to Do with $10,000 Now.”

In fact, in the last few months, across all four of our colleges, WGU has been recognized by industry, education, and media leaders over and over again. Respect for your degree and the knowledge and skills you, as a WGU grad, will bring to the workplace grows with every recognitions we receive, so please join us in celebrating all the good news!

Good news like:

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