Staying Motivated in the Summer

Online University Student TipsThe flexibility of an online university means you can continue your education year-round without being stuck in the classroom all summer long. But this freedom can pose some challenges: How do you stay motivated to stick with your studies when outdoor fun beckons?

As an online university student, you’ve already shown that you’re committed to your education and dedicated to earning a degree regardless of personal circumstances that would make traditional university attendance difficult or outright impossible. Now, as winter melts into spring and spring promises summer just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to channel that dedication and stay on track.

Here are a few tips you can use to avoid letting the sunshine get the best of you:

Set a routine. Get up earlier than you normally would, and schedule time to start with a good breakfast. Then, make sure you reserve time specifically for study and coursework. Pick a time that makes the most sense to you – do you do best in the morning, before heading off to work, or are you more of a night owl? Once you’ve set your routine, be sure to stick with it.

Schedule some fun. Make sure your daily routine includes some time dedicated to getting outside and enjoying the nice weather. Take a walk every morning, or plan to eat your lunch at the park every afternoon. Not only will the exercise and fresh air help improve your brain power and focus, but knowing that you have some down time scheduled makes it easier to buckle down when it comes time to study.

Avoid distractions. It may be tempting to sit next to an open window or study on the front lawn, and for many people, that may be the perfect place to study. But if your attention is easily diverted by passers-by, or if the temptation to get outside is just too strong, it’s probably best to choose as your study spot somewhere a little less distracting.

Set goals. Give yourself realistic, reasonable, and measurable milestones to achieve throughout the term, and stick to that timetable. Knowing that you have a self-imposed deadline looming can help you push through that last half-hour of scheduled study time, and checking off those objectives when you achieve them will give you the confidence to stay committed on the rewarding path to that online degree.

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